P-Thera Consulting

Sensitisation programme

In December 2010, we organized an event for over 2,000 students of 10 secondary schools in Southern Ondo State, South Western Nigeria. The program which was tagged “YOU CAN BECOME GREAT” was a motivational and inspirational programme to sensitise the young minds and open their understanding to the great potentials that lie within them, that can be developed to make difference in the world. Reference was made to many successful Africans within and outside Nigeria who are making great impact and changing the world for good in their various fields of endeavour. This program impacted these young people in no small measure. Our post event evaluation revealed they were so determined to be named among change agents and change makers of the world. Many of them after the event performed excellently in their academics and were thereafter admitted into various higher institutions of learning.

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Excursion to Lagos State

Travelling is always fun and adventurous to young people who love to explore. It therefore came with high excitement for the 100 students who participated in our excursion programme to Lagos in 2011. The selected 100 students are from 10 secondary schools from Ondo State. The excursion exposed these young people to places they would never have imagined visiting on their own. The visit to Covenant University and University of Lagos, coupled with the series of sensitisation and motivational lectures given to them made the excursion an unforgettable experience for them. The excursion influenced them for excellence in their academics pursuit. Today many of them are First Class and Upper Class graduates of prestigious Universities in Nigeria.

Pictures on Event Gallery.