P-Thera Consulting

P-Thera Consulting is a People Development Consulting firm.  We are in the business of securing shift in mind-set of people through our methodical trainings that engender change in attitude, leading to motivation to act differently towards excellence across various endeavours of life.

We offer a range of practical and intellectual tools to suit the needs of each client through Coaching, Leadership Programmes, Integrative Thinking, Relationship Management, thus bridging the gap between knowing and doing, for purpose of developing skills, confidence and talents for optimal performance.

Our belief

We believe that every human being and organisation has unlimited potentials that can drive both personal and organizational growth. This growth is predicated on the right information that creates genuine behavioural change. Our team and models are therefore in place to deliver values that guarantee results to our clients.

Our goal

We aim to unlock personal and organizational potentials, using various approaches to create practical solutions that help solve simple and complex problems, leading to sustainable and long lasting change.

Expected result

Working with individuals and organisations to see them grow, we are happy to see outstanding individuals, teams and organisations achieve their objectives of growth and profitability. This is the whole essence of creating change that brings about long lasting impact.

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