P-Thera Consulting

Green World Club. This is centered on empowering and inspiring students to take issue of environment seriously and begin to participate in activities that are environmentally friendly.  Our environmental empowerment for students influence them first, they in turn influence their friends, parents, other adults, and the communities to promote environmentally friendly behaviour, thereby creating ripple effect on environment friendly behaviour. Our empowerment is not only informative but will sensitise these young people to take practical steps and actions towards protecting the environment.


Readers and Writers club

This club exists to create reading and writing culture among school students. We believe development begins from knowledge and no knowledge is acquired without reading.  The level of brain drain, intellectual poverty and lack of awareness about many issues of life is a by-product of poor reading culture. We hope to promote reading culture, and give outstanding students access to several local and international platforms that reward commitment to reading.

Music & Arts club

Singing, dancing, painting, and drama are powerful ways of developing creativity in young people. They are good ways for children to find out who they really are. Many artistes, actors and actresses in our society today started as children when they were given opportunity to express themselves at the very tender age.  This club hopes to open young people to their potentials in different areas of performing talents.

Poetry club

Poetry Club is for group of students who are interested in achieving self-expression and are excited about oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of words such as intonation and voice inflection.  Literacy can be enhanced through the art of performance of poetry.  The students will read poetry, writing and own poetry, perform poems among the students and before large audience during special occasions. They will as well be encouraged to share their stories through poems.